Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom

This website (named after a book by the same name) presents original discoveries and content regarding Integral & Supramental Yoga, Cosmology as well as the Sacred Geometry underlying the symbolism of the ancient Rig Veda and other sacred texts, religions and world mythologies that have sprung from the Vedas. Often current events are discussed from the point of view of seeing the underlying symbols, synchronicity and Oneness beneath the surface circumstances. Ultimately this blog is about uplifting Human consciousness towards its higher ranges and potentials. Mythologies explored include the River/Goddess Saraswati, the symbols of the Zodiac, Vishnu’s Avatars who descend to preserve Eternal Wisdom, and the releasing of the Seven Rivers in the Rig Veda paralleled by the release of the Seven Vials/Bowls in St. John’s Revelation. It is demonstrated that these mythologies and many others, can only be fully understood via understanding their geometric and zodiacal context. In other words, it is important to begin seeing the MATH underlying our MYTHs.


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Added: 24/07/2018

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